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Pssst! There's a new Dutch Orange vase, but it's a secret !?


 The series of 12 'Orange' vases ('oranjevazen') which have celebrated Dutch royal events for nearly 100 years are about to be joined by a new vase celebrating the 75th birthday of Queen Beatrix on January 31st 2013.
There has been very little publicity about the release of the new design by Menno Jonkers. The press release hasn't been circulated(?), and the text is in Dutch only. The website announces that no foreign orders will be accepted and the photo of the design is being witheld until the last minute.

Full information in English and Dutch is on our news page

flying free:
thanks :)
I read about the orange vases on your site a good while ago, so it was nice to re-read and check out all the different shapes over the years again and refresh on the history of the vases.

Queen Beatrix has just announced her abdication as of April 30th!

Some people will see it as another reason to celebrate!?

Her son Willem Alexander will take over and his wife Maxima will (apparently) be granted the title Queen Maxima. (Hmm. Sounds more like a sex toy to me! LOL!)

Tee hee. So finally all that Maxima daddy Nazi scandal has been buried... or is about to reemerge to the Max  ;D

Oh no, another Orange vase, didn't someone tell them that Parkinson died? And... is it such a bad design that they need to hide it away to the last minute. Yawn. ???

I suppose on the plus side, one less Queen... pity that there is an heir. Wish our Brit queen would drop out too... anachronisms galore. Meanwhile in France the folk are cheesed off at the idea of Gay marriage being brought into law... and all the complicated changes to inheritance law - which is particularly bizarre in France -  leading to half the property in France falling to ruin as it has to be split between 37.2 relatives and all must agree to any change to the property.... chaos indeed  ;D

Dear Frank, if you didn't like the Queen Bea 75 vase, then I can guess the next one will make you explode.
They already had this one lined up since last year, so they're ready to run with...
announced today...
The King's Coronation Vase' by Willem Noyens
To be issued on April 30th while everyone parties outside your house...again!?


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