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Peter Dreiser Goblet "Red Deers" Label on base


Hi am looking for information on what the label on the base means please.
It reads
Peter Dreiser
Ex RMS  1969
Red Deers
Also signed and dated 69
Its the EX RMS is that to do with military service?

WOW is that yours ?

Paul S.:
Mmmmm  -  great piece.             As you're no doubt are aware, this is a beautiful wheel engraved rummer, showing a stag hunting scene, and I'd be keen to know what the base looks like  -  which may help with dating  -  although the engraving may not necessarily be of the same date as your glass.          Is this piece lead glass  -  does it ring when flicked?      The colour looks right for some serious age.
The 46gns.  appears to be an auction cost at some earlier time  -  and I'd suggest that the 'EX RMS' is indicating that this has come from a collection owned by somone with those initials  -  I could be wrong, but that I think is certainly one possible explanation.              The figure 2 might suggest that there were a pair originally :)

Hi ,
             Dreiser was a vice-president of the Royal Miniaturists' Society(RMS) and a founder member of the Guild of Glass Engravers.
I would suggest that this is Dreiser's label from when the glass was engraved and the price on it was his price,more than likely the glass was a new production at the time of engraving .

cheers ,

flying free:
Hi, that's a beautiful glass.
Are these your pictures? 
If they are can you please upload them to the board as otherwise any information given on the thread becomes obsolete and useless for future information or searches, when your pictures disappear-  which they have done on your recent threads where your pictures are no longer available to view.
Many thanks


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