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Need help indentifying this very cool paperweight

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I bought this at an antique auction recently along with several other coolectable paperweights. Someone left a bid on it along with another pld pershire paperweight so I assume they knew it was worth something. I've never seen one like it. As you can tell from the pic's it doesn't have a glossy finish. The only marking on it is a teardrop shaped glossy marking about half way down, in the middle green stripe. It doesn't show real well in the pic but in person it is very distinct. Anyone have any ideas on what it might be?

Pics can be seen here:

Murano, Made by KB

Mildawg,   Thanks for your answer.  You said made by KB.  Who is KB?


I don't think KB is a maker - I think it was the initials of a company who imported Murano paperweights in volume into the USA. I don't know whether they dealt with just one maker (eg Fratelli Toso) or several.


The stickers on "KB" weights usually say An original creation by KB.  Honestly, I know little about makers of Murano weights.....just know one when I see one.  I have seen a few of these with said sticker.


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