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Need help indentifying this very cool paperweight

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Hi Mildawg

Me too - I have seen similar KB stickers, but they never say 'Made in Murano' - to me the word 'creation' is a weasel word, and implies no more than design, which can degenerate to no more than 'please Mr Remote Maker, make me some paperweights like these'.... That said, there are many Murano weights that enter the USA and elsewhere re-labelled by importers, with all kinds of names - and recently a good number of Chinese paperweights labelled as Murano too (eg Veruccia Bregognia or something like that) . Some no doubt come via Murano, others miss out that step...
I have been told that one or more Murano manufacturers have moved their offices to mainland Italy because of costs, and have contracted manufacture of their paperweights to factories elsewhere (eg Morocco). If that is correct, are the paperweights still Murano? If not, what are they?


A search on the board for "KB label" shows a few threads from the past.

In a thread from 2006, I added comments received from a dealer within See:,6187.msg53848.html#msg53848

And in another message (from 2008), member Shannon (Shandiane78) posted a bit more info:,6323.msg117630.html#msg117630

Then in 2009, member Anita (TXSilver) added a thread showing a weight with the KB label attached and also added some more detail about the KB importer:,27882.msg151863.html#msg151863

KB stands Koscherak Brothers, an importer of Murano Glass and Pottery.  They were located in New York.  There is a thread on the Murano Glass Forum at the link below.  I have one of their catalogs and will dig it up and post it.


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