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hand signed murano paperweights ?

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 hi guys
i hope someone is able to help with a the question  "did murano paperweight makers hand sign the bases or do they all have paper labels, to date ive only ever seen them with labels.
many thanks

Hi Joe
As a general rule, Murano paperweights are unsigned yet most have a label saying "Made in Murano". Having said this some Murano weights have labels showing the maker and a few are actually signed by the maker, Don't ask me why just a few are signed but that's thew wayit is. Hope this helps

Hi daveweight
Until today i always presumed they were all labeled
Thanks for the info dave

Fuhrman Glass:
Most were made in what we consider to be "factories" and weren't signed as there were numerous people involved with the production of these. Usually produced in a volume situation for orders. From what I can see the murrine in Murano many times traveled from shop to shop as the workers went from one to the other. That's why it's difficult to completely identify the exact manufacturer. I can't recall seeing any older Murano weights that were signed except for possibly a signature cane. Larger sculptural pieces were signed a lot of times by the "maestro".


In my experience maybe 10% of the Murano paperweights you find still carry the original label.  Signatures are rare: I have seen one or two with a Seguso signature, and there is a series of 12 called  'Flowers of Enchantment' that are signed 'Gino S', but no one seems sure whether that was anything more than a marketing ploy.



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