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Bohemian Cased Glass White Enamel Vase


This is the ''sister'' vase we had discussed in November. Apologies for disappearing for so long.

This is ''Elilzabeth'' and the vase is perfect. 

Cased Glass Cylindrical Vase

Diameter 7''   (17.78 cm)

Height  15''  (38.1 cm)  + 3 round glass gilt feet=total height~ 16''  [40.64cm]

Clear and blue cased glass with white enamel(lady, water, etc.)

Note: the distant ''hills'' behind the lady feel as if they are etched

Gilt appointments around the top

Leaves: gilt and deepest forest green

Believed to be Harrach or Mulhaus ( Bohemian Glass [Truitt] page 94. )

From the earlier thread, a photo of the enamel found on the broken vase:

Below: two embedded photos of the scene~ photos were manipulated to wash out the color.  Also, A pink(IRL) piece of paper was inserted behind her for a better view(I hope)

In re: imageoptimizer ~~ I have forgotten the preferred site sizes for photos. 1200 is too large so I added one additional photo(below). If anyone wants to refresh my alleged mind, yours truly will, in future, be delighted to oblige.

There are some soil(?) spots scattered about the white. I have no clue how to remove/ clean them.

Questions or comments are WELCOME.

Thank you,

Marney & Elizabeth

flying free:
Thank you Marney!
The vases are both superb.  I love how beautifully her dress is enamelled, so diaphanous, and it's great to see the close ups of the layers in the glass.

Please don't try to clean the enamel.  It may get more damaged.  I would just leave it as is if I were you.  They carry their history with them :)


Magic :D

Good Evening to both of you!

I'm happy you approve of her~ and as of this very minnit, I will abandon my plans to clean away the
little ''spots'' of whatever it/they are.  They'll be part of Elizabeth's history. The camera(at high resolution) certainly makes them stand out but IRL they are not so annoying.

Elizabeth was my GGmother's name so the choice for the vase was an easy one to make.



flying free:
For the record this decor is by Harrach and is known as 'Malachit  In this instance it would be 'blau Malachit'.
'Malachit' does not refer to the colour of the stone but to the crackle effect in the stone, and was produced by Harrach in varying colours.
The source is
'From Neuwelt to the Whole World' Jan Mergl page 173
Various colours are shown in the book but the one on page 173 is green crackle on a black glass and describes the Malachit decor as follows:
'Execution: schwarz Malachit. .... Malachite glass first appeared in the Harrach production around 1855.  However, naming it after the precious stone malachite did not refer to the colour of the glass, since the glassworks produced other colour variations of this type of glass with names such as weiss Malachit and blau Malachit.  The name thus refers more to the structure of the stone of whih crackled glass is reminiscent.  ...'


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