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"Black" textured whiskey or wine bottle with side seems and makers mark....

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....but I can't find any info on the maker - if indeed that is a makers mark - the omega symbol with the two dots underneath it.

Is it a wine bottle - not sure - not informed enough on this stuff - perhaps a whiskey bottle.  It looks old, but could be new...   We think it's an amber/black.  Any help would be appreciated. :)

11.5" tall x 2 6/8" diameter

Rather brand new with the eu content logo - the inverted 3. It contains 75 cl when filled to 65 mm from the top. I think the omega sign is the punt mark for Vetropack (the .. denote the works) but that is easily looked up.

Thank you kindly Ivo - we weren't familiar with the Euro mark - too bad.  At least it was cheap....

It reminds me of the Black Tower wine bottles:

Absolutely, Anne.  We drinkers can still remember the early days of wine.  Cant't we?  :-X



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