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Rare Davidson 5H oval flower frog for 321 flower set

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Just thought your members might like a look at this frog or block came across today for reference as I have never seen one and it may help somebody all the best Mark

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Test it under a UV light for me please

Sorry about that not like me to miss that bit out, yes did test it sorry no uranium   :'( I know how you like your uranium  :). To be honest had quite a bit of Davidson in this colour acid etched and don't think I have ever had a uv reactive one. And by the way its the seven inch version. Looking on Val and Chris Stewarts site it is quite rare in any colour. Cheers Mark

More just testing a theory than really expecting it to be U. The Stewarts claim no green uranium Davidson glass but I have a set of dishes and a salt that are and that looked as though it might be.


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