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Rare Davidson 5H oval flower frog for 321 flower set

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David E:
As with all things, you never know till you try!

Paul S.:
it's an attractive green frog, and I'm sure quite rare, and when frosted like this looks not a lot unlike Bagley's frosted green - some of which is definitely uranium.              Most of the domes can be put to good use - especially these larger ones  -  and it makes finding a pen or pencil a lot easier:)

flying free:
superb idea!  I love that -
I can see a whole new marketing trend on ebay now lol :)

They make handy holders on a dressing table for various bits and bobs like lip/eye pencils or makeup brushes. :)

That's exactly what i use my large amber Czechoslovakian one for pens not make up ;) to be honest got quite a few waiting for matching vases but me thinks fiver a go on ebay could be a good idea thanks flying free were shall i send the pint out of the profits  ;D


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