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Hi, I'm new here.  Acquired several paperweights not too long ago but have been trying to get them identified for quite some time.  I also have an e-Bay store and it was suggested by a customer that although my experts were most assuredly good, I should perhaps check out this website with regards to this paperweight.  The only information I have is that it is "Dahlia Paperweight - Green Glass".  If anyone can help, I would sure appreciate it.



Made in India. Essentially worthless. Some people collect these as a first paperweight or they collect different colors. It will not sell on eBay. Best to give it to a child. Has no collectibility or value.

Tony G:
Hi Connie,
                welcome to Glassmessages. You will definitely have other paperweights that have a better background than this one!

I am sure we can help identify them, inform and occasionally give you a nice surprise. Keep in contact!


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