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Tricky question, Millers 20th Century Glass by Andy McConnell is quite good but it has become very expensive. There must be others, one that I don't have is Creative Energies by William Geary, can anyone with a copy tell us what it is like? The Leslie Pina books Fire & Sea and also Smoke & Ice though far from perfect have their uses but again they are not cheap.

I gather Andy McConnell is also currently working on a new Swedish Glass Book...., Focusing on designers Vicke Lindstrand, Erik Hoglund, Goran Warff, Bertil Vallien, Lars Hellsten & Signe Persson Melin. I think all being well is due to be published sometime in the Autumn. - One to keep an eye out for!

That's great,thanks guys.
Will put them on my wishlist and keep an eye out.
Thanks very much

Just to mention, there is some useful GMB info in the following link....,23766.0.html

Thanks Greg,
Consider it done!
Many thanks


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