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Chance Psychedelic Vase

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Just delivered a Chance Psychedelic Handkerchief Vase - smaller size in orange - love it - I have a few other Handkerchief vases but this is my first psychedelic one - bit of mildew to inner surface not mentioned but it was cheap enough and looks great with my retro pieces.


Like these myself,what size is yours?

David E:
These patterns are always good buys as they are sought after. They both look to be the 4-in. variety - anything else is most unusual!

It is the 4" size

David E:
The funny thing here is that the orange one is scarcer than the black, although the black appears to be more collectable. The charts I produced for Chance Expressions (p.111) show that I observed 19 orange as opposed to 30 black vases sold on eBay over a 15-month period, yet the black vases always fetch a higher price. Not only that, the Escher pattern in any colour is actually scarcer than Psychedelic - "there's nowt as queer as folks"  ;D


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