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Chance Psychedelic Vase

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The black is far more attractive than the orange, David. And the Esher pattern is... boring.
A scarce ugly thing is still just an ugly thing.  ;)

David E:
On a black background, the orange would look more impressive. Horses for courses. But don't diss the Escher!

But if you want to see something scarce and ugly, take a look at this:,51261.0.html


As you can see, I already had!
I do agree - the orange would look better on a black background - and even better on a purple ground.

Paul S.:
funny, I always thought  'Esher'  was in Surrey ;)         I did once collect the Handkerchief vases, but don't remember ever finding a Psychedelic example - although black can be seen as a bit depressing I guess, and orange as more cheerful.        Perhaps it might help if you had some of the mushrooms whilst viewing ;D

Must admit I really can't see any purpose to the Diseased Milk Bottle design, and to me it does seem to lack anything that might appeal to the artistic senses - but guess art is all things to all men/wimmin  -  look how some people rave over Tracy's unmade bed or Jackson's dribbles.
Escher was in a different league to these Handkerchiefs  -  his stuff really was stunning.

Anyway, good piece of retro Adam, especially if not expensive  -  and cheerful colours. :)

Jackson's "dribbles", when analysed mathematically via computer programmes turn out to be fractals, Paul.
They are not random dribbles, they are fabulous and sophisticated; they are "high" art.
Tracy Emin's bed is an exposure of the deepest and most shameful part of her soul - angst. It took courage to display that.
It is also, (in my not so humble opinion), "high" art. I think she's great and lovely.

Damian Hirst is just a p*ss artist though.  ;D


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