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Sowerby RD 260802, 29 February 1872 - pattern 1035


I recently bought this pedestal sugar basin bearing a clear date lozenge for 29 February 1872 parcel 5. It corresponds to the Sowerby registered design number 260802.

This was a very early Sowerby registered design, the only preceding RDs being
260183 to 260186 registered as a bundle on 2 February 1872
260405 and 260405 registered as a bundle on 12 February 1872.

Both Cottle and Thompson give RD 260802 as a design for a butter dish (though the online registration summary at the National Archives gives no subject to the registration).

Although Cottle does not link RD 260802 with a Sowerby pattern number, the sugar basin is shown on page 57 of the Sowerby pattern book XI (1885) as Sowerby pattern number 1035 and is actually shown as a covered sugar basin with separate matching underplate.

A trawl through Sowerby pattern book XI (1885) reveals that the following shapes also bear the same Sowerby pattern number:
Page 1       Ale
Page 4     Butter with cover and separate underplate
Page 11    Butter middle
Page 13     Chamber candlestick
Page 21     Cruet moulded
Page 34     Jug
Page 36    Mustard with cover
Page 41    Salt round moulded the only shape shown as a registered design
Page 67    Tumbler in 2 sizes

Does anyone have a photo to share of either the cover and/or plate to match the sugar basin, or even the three pieces together as an entity, please?

Does anyone have photos of pattern 1035 in the other shapes to share?


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