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Oiva Toikka Cube

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Here is a cube by Nuutajarvi designed and signed by Oiva Toikka - 1982 limited to 2000. it was bought very cheaply as it has a small chip. I know these were part of a series and have a name. Not by my books now so can't research.

Hi Adam,  I always thought they were simply called 'Annual Cube' but I could be wrong. I will see if I can find any other name for them,  but I know the Egg series were just called 'Annual Egg'

Here is a link to one you have...there are lots of others on Google if you put in Oiva Toikka Glass Cube.

And some more...

Thanks. I'm back home and can see some in my books. Thanks for links they help.


Nice pieces Adam, a good find well done.   :) I would love a couple but they are pricey!!  ::)


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