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Stuart bowl shapes with Stratford Rings.

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Paul S.:
thought it might be of interest to ask if anyone is aware of any further bowl shapes in addition to these - there may well be some cut glass examples perhaps.        As is usual with Stuart, there is a lack of images in the books, so always some uncertainty as to the full range of shapes that were produced in this Stratford Rings pattern. :)

Paul S.:
and one more..........

I have one of the top pic right-hand side bowls and the 2nd pic bowls - both in green. I also have a smaller version of the top right one in the blue and a slightly wider small version (finger bowl) with ice plate in amber, Paul.

Plus my 3 footed grapefruits have the Stratford rings too - see next post for pics of them.

Stuart grapefruits

Paul S.:
thanks Anne  -  I get the impression there's less of an interest in these Stuart bowls than perhaps a year or two back - I seem to remember there were more collectors of Stuart then.
I posted these after I found the larger of my two blue bowls only a week or so ago, and realized I'd not seen that shape before  -  although I do have grapefruits.
Is your grapefruit an example of enamel painting, or is it a transfer decorated piece??         I did have a large clear bowl, which oddly seems less common than coloured examples - and it had enamel decoration - but 80% had disappeared, so I gave it away.
As practical pieces I think they're quality material, and underrated. :)


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