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Stuart bowl shapes with Stratford Rings.

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It's hand-painted Paul, and I have three of them all the same - the edges which are a bit muddy coloured (dunno why!) are actually green also.  I told you this Finepix of himself's wasn't very good with glass, didn't I? :)

Paul S.:
sorry to hear you have problems with the Finepix camera Anne.           Don't know whether you edit your pix with Picasa (the first one looks as though it might have been) - but I find it improves the contrast and gives the images much more life.         Don't know what I shall do if my Finepix gives up the ghost  -  for a non-technical person like me it's worth its weight in gold.
Are you sure you have your camera on the correct setting?

Complete fruit set with enamelled decoration, acid etched Stuart mark (but no RD number).

(Permission for the re-use of the image on GMB granted by funkletrumpet).

A large fruit bowl with similar enamelled decoration, simply marked with Rd. 681309 (registered 22 February 1921).

A pair of golden amber stemmed glasses with enamelled fruit decoration, this time marked with Rd. 681651 (registered 12 March 1921).

(Permission for the re-use of these images on GMB granted by Miles Hoole).

I have added "Stuart" to the title - might help folk to find the thread.

Couple more... ;D ;D


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