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I'd love to see the signature a little bigger.
I am thinking Nalor, Nalu, Nalin or Valor, Valu, or Valin at the moment.
A very interesting and nicely balanced piece.
Rosie. :)

Fuhrman Glass:
looks a little like the work Ed Nesturek did. He was arounfd Pittsburgh,PA. Glass of this type from what I can see in the photos was identified by "Silver Veiled" glass. Nick Labino and several others played around with this stuff a lot. It was a silver based formula.

I've tried to get better pictures of the signature but it is located on the glass so close to the base that it is almost impossible to see even with magnification. When I purchased this the seller did not even know it was signed. That is how difficult it is to see. Wish I could send better pictures.
After reading the previous reply I looked for examples of Ed Nesturek's work with signature and am pretty sure it is not his...but the colours are very close, however the signature is not.

Yes, I looked them both up and the signatures are very different,  but their style is quite similar in some pieces.   On with the search.... I am using 200% magnification to see the signature better!!


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