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Fuhrman Glass:
not sure it's manganese, Ive gotten some similiar effects from some silver fuming and have also gotten some simiiar effects of potassium strikes in a reduction flame with the right type of batch.i.e Glasma batch and cullet. Large glass community around Asheville,NC and probably from one of the locals. Bob Stephan of HIS Glassworks did some internal things like this many years ago. just a guess.
BTW: manganese usually will take out the green that comes from iron in the silica.

I think I can see bits that look like what might be silver fuming!
To be honest, I don't think I'm familiar with "silver fuming" per se - I'd LOVE to know what it's like, I've got a real thing about silver and glass reactions!

However, the nearest to fuming I know of, is the effect found on Mdina and Isle of Wight SG, when the gob of molten glass which is being coloured with silver salts (chloride or nitrate) gets detached from the rod and some silver gas escapes from inside and deposits itself on the outside.

There are a couple of patches on this sculpture which look like what might be what I'd describe as "trails of comets", found on early Mdina and IoWSG.

Yes there is milky yellows and blue through out  the piece.
Here is a couple  more pictures that may show the colors.

That definitely looks like silver effects.  ;D
I think it is safe to say this is not modern Chinese. The square pedestal had me worried just a little bit.
It's rather a nice thing!
Now we just need somebody who can make the signature out!

Guess I should have mentioned...the square base is acrylic.


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