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Diseased Milk Bottle by Pavel Pánek - Any Thoughts?

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David E:
Here is what has been rather unkindly nicknamed the Diseased Milk Bottle (by Max  ;) ). It was designed by Pavel Pánek in 1979 and appears on Jindrich's excellent resource.

At 28.5cm (11¼in) tall and weighing 2kg, it is quite a beastie. A really funny thing, it is so gross it becomes almost attractive, but I'm not sure whether to put it in pride of place on my new shelves, or leave it for the milkman to collect! (really I am joking)  ;D

But what do other people think of it?

Sorry about its mucky bottom...

Mervyn Peake wrote a poem called "The Hideous Root".
It was about a lady who always carried a hideous root around with her - it was so awful, it made her look attractive in comparison and she had suitors by the dozen... until she lost the root.
You could use this as a "hideous root", to make other glass look even better! ;D

flying free:
second one on the board this week .
And I love Sue's suggestion.

I would like it ... if it were coloured glass :)

Yes but where can she find one that hideous . ;D ;)

Anik R:
I am quite fond of Panek's designs, but I really don't like this piece. It reminds me of tumours growing over other tumours -- it's a mass of diseased cells.  Sorry.


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