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A Frantisek Vizner "Whirlpool" Vase.... A Recent Aquisition

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Really more to post another example here, as I identified this standing in a show yesterday because of an example Anik had posted for ID.  The dealer had purchased it at an estate sale a couple days earlier and had no idea what it was..... hence, it was cheap...  :-)   and as always, I like cheap.....  :-)

The vase stands at just under 7 inches tall and 3.75 inches in diameter. It weighs in at just under 7 lbs. It has a completely flat polished base with a good amount of age wear.  I understand these were made for a number of years, but are not seen all that much in my part of the world....  this is actually the first I have ever seen. This is a really great piece of glass and unlike any other piece I own, so a nice addition to a small, but unique selection of later Czech glass....


Beautiful example of a great design.
Doesn't really matter imho if older or more recent production, and almost impossible to find out any way without label.
They are not so rare in my part of the world, but unfortunately almost never cheap.


Anik R:
Well done, Craig!

I'm extremely fond of these whirlpool vases.  I've now got three in my collection: a clear with a blue core,  a clear with a topaz core, and an azur.  A couple of days ago, a whirlpool lamp base also entered my collection. What's exciting about it is the colours -- a green core with pink, blue and clear around.  :)

Thanks Anik,

Love to see the lamp base in particular....  I would rather have a different core color on mine, but I can't be too picky since i have not seen another in my area.....  I will take what I found....  I love the internal texture of the piece..... It looks like you should be able to touch it.... 


Anik R:
Here's my fancy new lamp base. :)


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