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Is this Brockwitz Prismen?

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this was sold to me as Brockwitz "Prismen"
I have checked Pamela's site but dont see this set there, so am just checking to be sure the attribution is correct

any and all info much appreciated

I have seen this set also in pale sapphire blue.
Sorry, can't help with ID

Hi Cheri  :D
to me it is more
Walther PRISMEN - and this only because of the powder pot up in the middle ;o)) I would not dare to name the rest - sorry

Might I suggest that the problem here might be to question whether this IS 'a set'?

I suspect we're looking at a 'marriage' of pieces possibly from the same factory or even series, but then possibly NOT a 'set' and possibly three different factories altogether?

I've seen stranger things happen in antique shops (for instance);-)


I bought this from a reputable English seller, who said it was a mustard jar and pair of salt and pepper shakers, plus tray, They really do all look like the same colour and quality glass and the pattern is repeated in all too, plus each piece fits the tray perfectly in the indents. The lid of the jar has an opening for the spoon too, so it sure seems to be a condiment jar :roll:

sure looks like a set rather than a marriage but.....stranger things have happened..... :lol:

I was hoping it may be in one of the old catalogues that you lot have on that side of the pond.


hope someone finds something definitive as I have it listed as Brockwitz Prismen and dont want to misrepresent it if that is incorrect. :?


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