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Is this Brockwitz Prismen?

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I don't know if this might help at all, but I noticed this Ebay listing which seems to be for Brockwitz Prismen - 6617827093.

Hi WhiteRabbit

thanks,yes, that is definitely a Brockwitz Prismen bowl.....Pamela has a pink beauty on her site. :)

Pamela, when I compare the prism points of that pink covered Prismen box you have listed under sure looks like this mustard jar :?:


Hi Cheri, this is the Walther Prismen pattern which comes a little nearer I think...

Manufacture and style remind me of Adlerhütten (this is not the pattern of yours but style)

IMHO your set is far from being Brockwitz. You can see the 'in and out' of their Prismen pattern here better


Thanks Pamela

well, I think until I know for sure who made this set, I am going to remove the attribution for Brockwitz from the listing and just call it Prismen, unknown maker  8)

I do appreciate your help on this. :)

You're always welcome, Cheri and I think that's the most elegant way to offer it  :D


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