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Blue and white overlay vase - vine and grapes decoration - enamel?

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flying free:
Just curious on this vase
the blue and white graphic pattern are overlay I think, but how is the vine and grapes pattern done?
Is it enamels?
And anyone seen anything like this before?

Mod: link to ebay listing removed at M's request as she's added photos below.

Borussia glass cut to a high standard I think - but it may have been a berluze at one time?= Very nice piece - technically.

flying free:
yes I thought cut down.
Not heard of Borussia so thanks Ivo :)
I will investigate.
Is the vine decoration cut or enamelled do you know please?

It all looks acid treated to me, perhaps with final hand cutting to tidy up edges. The remaining clear parts seem to have the allover randomised finish that is typical with acid.

flying free:
thank you :)
I thought because of the leaves and grapes that it might be a decanter that's lost it's neck and stopper? I bought it only for the decoration as I'd not seen anything like it before (the leaves and grapes bit of it), so I'll be interested to see what turns up.  I'm hoping it's cut to clear and that the leaves and grapes are cameo  ;D, but that's a long shot lol  ...  I'll let you know what it turns out to actually be when it arrives.


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