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Beranek glass identification, patter, maker etc. help required

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Dear ALL, I have joined this forum to get your help in identifying a piece of Czech glass I personally think is stunning. It makes my stomach wobble when I view and handle and especially in certain lights. I need to know more about this Beranek piece. Can anyone help me please. New user stanleyxxx

I'm struggling to compress my images and I will happily PM you with the pictures. Sorry tech doughnut.

Anik R:
Hello Stanleyxxxx and welcome to the GMB. :)

Here is some information about resizing pictures:,34093.0.html
Maybe it'll help.


Sorry Anik struggling with the resizing. Can I email you the pictures for posting. Sorry for being a pain.

New Czech glass is always welcome at GMB! If you open an image with software like Irfanview and save it as another file, specify the file size when you do it, 100KB and that should be OK for uploading here. (I am not particularly handy with technology either),

Robert (bOBA)

Anik R:
Hi again,

I've managed to resize two pictures, but I'm afraid I was standing in the wrong queue when they were handing out technical wizardry -- the photos are now a bit on the small size. :-\

Very interesting vase, but I don't think I've seen it in any catalogue or website. Hopefully someone will be able to help out.



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