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Saint Louis or Murano ?

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I think the complete lack of sold items is telling

Some sellers just don't want to know, I had a similar response from this seller when I politely told her this was Vasart/ Early Strathearn not Whitefriars.

She told me after pretty much saying that I and everyone else that had told her the same could *****, and that she had a receipt that said Whitefriars and that was what she would sell it as.
I did reply and sugggest she go back to where she bought it and ask for a refund but that didn't go down well either.

I think this is now the third time she has re listed it although Isee she does at least now state she "thinks" its Whitefriars.

I don't even bother anymore. People are happy when you tell it is something better than they thought but don't do anything to change postings when it's not what they thought. Most not all were this way. Plus educating people not interested in collecting only makes the chance of a deal that much less.


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