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Defeated by Id's 1

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Sorry defeated again, spent 6 hours yesterday going through all my books and the web trying to ID 2 paperweights.
My gut instinct with this one is 19th Century French but I cannot find a single cane match and that profile?
Otherwise Bohemian/Silesian?
Not sure if this would be classed as a scrambled weight, a base of sodden snow with glass frits around the edge and an assortment of rather nice canes to the centre.

70mm diameter 45mm high, and photo is not clear but base is concave.


One more pic


Hi Nick.  When I saw this up for sale I wondered who made it, and came to a similar conclusion - probably 19thC French, but no more than probably.


Hi Alan,

It's not just me then, went to the auction and viewed it, thought with that amount of canes I'm sure to be able to find a match for at least some of them but no luck, spent hours trying. It really is a lovely piece.

Thanks again

flying free:
well as you know I know nothing about paperweights  ;D
but, is the base very slightly concave and does it have a fine ground ring on the outer edge of the base?
It's just that the shape (flat squarish profile) is very similar to my 19thc Bohemian one and the base looked similar....
I should probably just put my head back below the parapet now  ;D


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