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Unusual Mdina Extra Large Globe

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I thought I would upload a few pictures of this rather unusual and interesting very large Mdina globe.

The colours and size both seem very unusual indeed, the colours seem more pronounced than in any other globe that I have come across before. I strongly suspect it has to be the hand of MH.

The globe measures around 7 inches and weighs 2.1kg. I have added a picture, standing next to a normal sized large globe for comparison.

All thoughts welcome.


Very cool globe Greg
The size is not that unusual but it is big. This one is 6.5":
This one too:


That is very beautiful Greg...the colours are glorious and as I am just starting to take more interest in MH's work,  it is lovely to see this one in particular...thank you for sharing it with us.

Thanks all for your thoughts, Sue, Rosie and John  :)

I've added a couple of extra pictures next to a 6 inch globe, for comparison. Interestingly, the larger globe weighs around 1kg more than the other slightly smaller one. Its quite a thickly blown example, which no doubt accounts for much of this extra weight. The ground base to the larger globe is also noticeably much wider.

The colours are fabulous, I'll try to take a few pictures in natural daylight tomorrow, weather permitting. Certainly, not the cheapest globe I've purchased, however, certainly one of the most pleasing.  :)


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