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Unusual Mdina Extra Large Globe

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flying free:
Rather beautiful!  well done.  I like the patches of yellow bubbles.  I had those on a squat vase that I sold a while ago - it's a lovely effect.

The patches of yellow bubbles are confusing me! They are leading me to wonder if this isn't a complicated version of the Japanese globe after all.

It's wearing a different outfit in every picture Greg. I need to get my mitts on it!

Hi Sue - I think I may have unintentionally confused you  :), this is a different globe to the one you looked at the other week. It does have quite a few different appearances as you rotate it around. The natural daylight at present is reasonably good, so I'll try to get a few other shots in plain light, to see if it helps.  :) 

This is another new one? Well that's a small relief, I'm not going quite as peculiar as I worried I was.
Don't fret, I confuse easily.  ::)

But this is even better than that other one - you are getting very, very jammy, Greg.  ;)

The natural sunlight is reasonably good for a change! - Here are a selection of shots taken in plain light with no camera flash. The last few (in the next post) have natural daylight shinning through. Hope these are helpful.


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