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Auction house sadly wrong

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Would someone else like to inform this auction house that this is Fratelli Toso from 1977 not 19c French and not likely  to make 300-600, I don't think they believed me :)


What does the 1885 stand for?

Spurious date, maybe to decieve maybe to commemorate some past event? I have a Murano one recently posted on here with 1854 in, again most likely 1970's maybe as early as 50'5/60's.
The weight that Dukes are selling I have pictured in 2 seperate reference books clearly listed as Murano 1970's.

The English makers Arculus and Walsh Walsh made a whole batch in the 1930's with 1848 dates in.


Thanks for explaining Nick!


Murano made many paperweights with 'commemorative' dates within them. I don't think they were trying to deceive anyone.  At one point on this forum (or another - I don't recall which) we tried to see how many examples of different dates we could find - I don't recall the final total, but it was at least 6. 1852, 1856 and 1885 were quite common, and there are some from the 1950s which were issued at the time.

The Arculus / Walsh Walsh  '1848' date - which led to the incorrect 'antique Whitefriars' attribution in the USA - was put in the paperweights in response to requests from wholesale customers - the factory did not sell direct to the public. I have just been corresponding with a man in his late 80s (whose mother was an Arculus family member) who used to make the set-ups with fake dates when he was a young boy.



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