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Auction house sadly wrong

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I just received a response from the auction house
--- Quote ---Dear Sir
Thank you for your comments, we have now altered the description to this lot.

--- End quote ---
I don't remember what the original description exactly said - I believe they have actually modified it - but kept both, incorrect date and incorrect manufacturer:
--- Quote ---A 19TH CENTURY PAPERWEIGHT with a dated cane `1885`, with two bands of three clusters of floral canes between pink and white glass ribbons, 3" wide, possibly Baccarat or St.Louis.
--- End quote ---

Perhaps they were a bit previous in their reply as it hasn't changed yet,, they have replied to me and I sent them evidence of this weights origins yesterday they needed to convince the vendor apparently. So hopefully they will be changing it and also the other Murano weight they have wrongly listed.


Nice work keep it up , we will get there one day . :o


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