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id for inner half of weight?

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 i bought this thinking it was a complete milliefiori paperweight sat on a small metal dish
it arrived to my shock glued to said dish and i think only half complete without the outer layers of glass
i have two questions; firstly am i right in thinking its perthshire and second; would i be able to get it made into a complete paperweight?

 i also have a double overlay that  hasent been completely finished !!!

Looks like one that was supposed to be glued to something (though perhaps not a metal dish) and more like Vasart. What size is it? I don't think there's anything missing apart from whatever it should be fixed to.!i=54041623&k=R73FFZc

Hi christine
The size is 1.1/2 inches across and a tad over an inch high, the reason i thought it was perthshire because of the annual weights with the date and "p" on the base until your link and i agree with you ,intrestingly the lady i bought this and the overly i mentioned from told me her farther worked for a glass factory in crieff and he made them both along with some others she has,sadly he has recently passed on so i didnt ask her to many questions.
Many thanks christine

one answer Joe is no you can not make it into a complete paperweight as the molten glass will make the weight explode , to me it looks like it been a second but somehow escaped the molton covering of perthshire seconds, from your photos it looks like the 3rd row of canes from center out has slightly moved during pick up


Could it be encased into a finished paperweight?  Maybe.  You would have to know the linear expansion coefficient of the glass it is made from, then find a source of clear that would match.  Before encasement it would have to placed in a kiln and brought up to a working temp.  After encasement it would have to go back into the kiln for annealing, a gradual cooling process.  Anywhere in this process of heating and cooling it is possible that the glass could crack, it shouldn't, but it could.


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