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id for inner half of weight?

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Not sure the weight was made to go into production i believe it was made for himself i have tried to match the designwith over perthshires if thats the place he worked as she wasnt sure i suppose it is possible it never made it to the furnace but that dosent match with whatvi was told
Also thanks for the tecnical info not sure i uunderstood what you was explaining but in my case thats a good thing
Thanks guys

An unfinished paperweight that was probably not sent to the reject pile or perhaps picked out of the reject pile. Why would someone do this? Who knows? Perhaps to study it. To practice something. No, you cannot add to this to make it a "complete" paperweight. You cannot reheat this piece as it will crack. you could fuse a doorknob base to it. Or you could clean up the bottom and fuse a metal ring to it and the a typical looking pedestal base to it. Either glass or metal. Younhave a curiosity piece, nothing more. Enjoy it for what it is.


just trying to ascertain the origin of the item for the lady i got it from as she isn't sure who her dad worked for, the question about making it into a full size paperweight was to satisfy my own curiosity
i also have a fabulous double overlay multi faceted piece with a small bouquet of flowers in the centre from the same lady maybe that came from the reject pile to?

joe did you get them off a lady called Morag?

Hi ray
Yes it was would i be right in thinking you got the catterpillar?


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