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Junk or Antiques??


Attached are pictures of "priceless" items my mom dug out of her attic and insisted I take home with me.

I'm getting ready to put them on a garage sale and thought I would check to see if I should mark them for "free" or put a few bucks on them.

Blue Bowl & Saucer

Grape Bowls:

Small Round Dish:

Oval Bowl

Mexican Vase

Oval Relish Tray

Candle Holder

the "oval relish tray" is "Miss America", a  Depression Glass pattern by Hocking from the 1930s

If it is 10.5 inches long it is the celery plate and if 12.5 inches long it is the platter.  Value is probably around $20-$25 in clear ( MUCH more in pink!)

The "small round dish" is a Federal Glass pattern whose name escapes me right now.

those were the only two I recognised, tho that blue set sure is interesting:)

The blue one interests me too. I've seen the criss cross sort of sack cloth pattern a few times on frilly edged glass. I sold some tiny dishes with it on and one person who asked a question then did not bid was from Japan, so I did wonder whether Japan was an option.

The small round dish is Federal, as Cheri says - the pattern is known as PETAL.


Your "oval bowl" is an Anchor Hocking Renaissance Oval Relish Dish, the pattern was made between 1959-1962. A definate tag sale item, they go for about $2-$4 in my neck of the woods.



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