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BEAUTIFUL!!!!! ID = Loetz PG 6893

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Can you identify this beautiful vase.
Bought in an antique shop in Asheville NC several years ago.
It stands about 5 1/2" or 13mm.
The colours are brilliant.
A really fine piece.
No signature or marks of anykind.

flying free:
I find it quite hard to tell whether something is older or studio glass when it comes to these pieces, but have you checked out and clicked on decors - to see if it is one of the phanomen numbers?

Yes...and the colour and design seem to be exact, however I've yet to find the same shape.

Could well be phanomen 6893. There's also a Kralik version (shift) identified on You're right... can't seem to spot the shape.

(Asheville's my favorite place!)

Yes I saw that...thank you for the input.

I too like Asheville, it is only about 40 minutes from my home in Greenville SC.


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