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Help Please ! Surface decorated millefiori.

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 I Wonder if someone could help me please , in one of my carboot jaunts I picked up a paperweight
because it stood out on the table and was just a few pounds.
As i normally do, I searched the net for any info on it .Some of the paperweights I have seen are
stunning and I now see why people collect them,they make  mine's look quite shoddy ,however
all the one's that i see  appear to have to have the pattern within the glass where as this one is painted
on the outside, I must confess at first I thought it was ceramic and only discovered it was glass when I held
 it to the light looking from the base.The style appears to be milliefiori

Regards Peter.

Hi Peter
Welcome to the board, it sounds rather odd to have a painted design, can you upload a photo as we'd only be guessing otherwise.


Thanks for the quick reply I did take a photo with my mobile but cant upload as it s saying that the attachment is to big
but will try again.

nopt it wont let me, its says 125 kb is the max allowed ???

Hi peteralba, welcome to the Board.

If the surface looks like millefiori then that is what it is (99% certainty). There are plenty of surface decorated weights from various makers.

Perhaps the easiest way (for now) to get your images resized is to send them to me and I will add them for you. Just click on the email icon below my user detail on the left of this post and attach the image(s) to the email.

Hi Kevin thanks for your response i've send an email.
I'm afraid the picture quality is'nt great but appreciate
your kind offer
Regards Peter.


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