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Help Please ! Surface decorated millefiori.

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Hi Petet63 thanks for the response .

I often go to charity shops and have on several occasions been tempted
to buy what I consider ( a novices eye )unusual pieces of glass for a few pounds.
But a lack of knowledge, display space and grief from the wife ( not more junk !!! )
curtail my urges . The paperweight serves a purpose so passed interrogation !!
But I do like the compact nature of paperweights for such beautiful objects and
wonder why they have stayed below my radar.
The problem I have is one of focus ,something takes my eye  ::) :P
I am now on the search for a more salubrious one to adorn my desk
at which time my find! will probably wind its way to the charity shop
But if it has done anything at all, it help me to discover this forum
and maybe take the plunge into the world of the paperweight
and of glass, now I know help is at hand.

Regards Peter.

I started buying from charity/bootsales and paid only 1 or 2 pound for pieces that I liked at the time, Pressed Glass mainly, and soon began to learn which pieces were better quality. It is easy to get it wrong and I still do but I also get a few more really good pieces (crystal and Art Glass) and its a buzz when you turn 10 into 50 or even 1 into 5 the amounts change but the buzz doesnt . As I said, its addictive and a lot of fun. Ask lots of questions and if its paperweights you collect dont put them on your windowsill in the Summer. Look through paperweights on here and you will find out why  ;D ;D

I've seen these around but never examined one in detail.
 From the image it does look like a plastic printed sheet has been heated and formed over a glass ball, if that's so I guess a very much cheaper method for mass producing a paperweight with the appearance of millifiori canes.
There used to be a company producing similar equipment for a few thousand 's that would allow even photographic images to be applied in this way to various different products for the personalised gift industry.


These are the latest Chinese glass "New goods" from the British Heart Foundation Shops. (as of 2012)
(I am referring to the surface decorated millifiori weight at the beginning of the thread. They are glass, I have picked them up and studied them.)

The peacock ones are older.
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