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Help Please ! Surface decorated millefiori.

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Peter's images (cropped, resized, sharpened a touch and optimised for Kb size):

For general info, resizing and compressing images can be easily done through a free website service:

Anne, (GMB Techie Wizard) has suggested input parameters for using that site of:
Quality ... Normal; Max Width ... 700; Max height ... 700

That information is yet to be included in the Board "Techie Tips" (mainly my own fault for not completeing a review of the various Help topics on the subject of Posting Photos :-[ ).

So just for the exercise, and to check it still works ok, I have run one of Peter's photos through the site and it has produced the result below, taking an original file of 1600 x 1200 at 368Kb down to 700 x 525 pixels at 41Kb. This works well as long as the main subject of a photo is visually large enough to stand the resizing.

Edited to add: The information is now included in the Techie Tip for "Resizing images to fit the board using Paint Shop Pro".

Thank you for all your work Kevin and for increasing my limited web knowledge , I'm sure i'm not the only one.
Can anyone shed any light on the possible origins of my paperweight or any addition info at all.
I'm becoming rather attached to it, have I caught the bug  ::).

Regards Peter.

[Perhaps you should also change the title of the help topic, as it is now more wide-ranging than Paintshop Pro]

Hi, a bit spooky...I was in a charity shop yesterday and picked up and looked at two of these. They seem to be covered not in glass but some kind of resin or such. They are very cheap and as you say 'shoddy looking'. Sorry I cant help with maker. They caught my eye as from a distant they look like, I use this term very loosely  :D 'millifiore'  Be careful peteralba, glass is a bug that is easily caught and has no known cure. You are in the right place to learn, this site helps one and all and has a great success rate (IMHO) at identifying pieces.
   Welcome to the GMB. Pete


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