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Art Deco Bowl with Lady Handles

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Good morning :-)

firstly, I am having all sorts of trouble registering on the glass gallery photo site to add my photos and I have given up, so I hope photobucket links will be okay.

I have recently acquired this bowl and I am hoping someone might know or have an idea who may have made it. It is on the Pressglas website, under "unknown" in centrepieces. Thanks in advance for any help. It is 13.5 inches long overall including handles and 5.5 inches wide


Trial run at resizing a photo of this bowl

this might be better

No one has any ideas re the maker of this? thanks


It looks recognisable to those who collect this kind of glass. If you do a board search you will easily find the pressed glass websites run by GMB member Pamela, that ought to have this piece shown on them somewhere. Equally other searches could show this piece on another old GMB thread,
Also, attributions can take weeks or years for attribution on this site, but this one may take less than a week,

best of luck!

RObert (bOBA)


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