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petit bowl Jena Antec green blue help please...


I found this little bowl in Hamburg Germany.
It`s labeled but had to read.
Antec? Maybe Jena?
Thank you in advance...

Hiya and welcome to the GMB.

As far as I can see Antec is a company specialised in computer housing - the more spectacular transparent type, glass doors and flashing lights. I would think the bowl was made as a corporate gift. Jena is not very likely - I would think Boda is a possibility. I have seen items from them with a similar impressed logo. 

I can see why Ivo suggested Antec computer housing company, but this isn't their logo, and companies with a trademarked logo usually insist on it being used on promo stuff. Similarly it's not the logo for Antec International (now part of Dupont) - makers of agricultural disinfectants - and there are several companies in Germany named Antec (with variations) but again their logos are very different.

But there is an annual conference for applied plastics technology organized by the American Society of Plastic Engineers (SPE)

I can't find a logo for the conference, but the SPE uses a similar-looking font to that used on the bowl. Perhaps it's a souvenir from one of the conferences which went home with a delegate from Germany? (I originally found the SPE-ANTEC link in the polymers dept of a German university.)


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