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Victorian hand oil lamp

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Hello!  I'm new to the list.  I would love some information about the Victorian hand oil lamp attached.  It is unmarked.  The base is marble.  My mom received it from her Aunt, who believed it was valuable.  Thank you for whatever you can tell me.

Not quite what you're after but here's a useful link on glass hand vases rather than hand lamps, might help you narrow down a date

It's not a hand lamp as such, rather a table lamp with a hand. You wouldn't want to carry that up to bed LOL. What is the hand made of? A close up of the font and of the hand might help.

The hand and flower part are bronze, I think.  Sorry - I should have mentioned that.  I actually thought the whole thing was amber-colored glass. 

In that case we may not be able to help, as all the bits will have come from different factories (countries even) and been assembled for sale. You probably need a oil lamp specialist.


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