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Is this vase Murano?

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Hello.  Does this vase look like it might be from Murano, Italy?  It is very heavy and looks complicated like it might be made by somebody special.  I took some pictures.  I hope this helps.  Thank you.

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I'm sorry.  I repeated photos.  Oopsy!

Is this what is called a "cane" vase?  I found a vase kind of like it on website here

I would love it if someone could help me.  A friend recommended this site and said it was helpful and friendly.  Thank you!

flying free:
Hi Kittiesgalore and welcome to the board :)

Your vase is beautiful!  The ones you have linked to do have similarities.  Unfortunately I don't know anything about this type of glass so can't help further, but I'm sure someone will be along soon who should be able to help.  Just give it a little time as not everyone visits the board everyday :)
I don't know about the base finish of your vase, with the polished pontil mark, I'm not sure that is something that is associated with Murano glass, which I think would often have a flat polished base.  But as I say, it's not my collecting area so my knowledge is very limited.  I'm sure someone will be able to help you soon.  Keep checking back to see if there have been any replies.
And thanks for the lovely photos.

Thank you for your reply!  I wasn't sure if newbies are welcome.  You are very kind.


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