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Manson Fire Lizard?

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Roger H:
Just bought this beautiful weight but cant decide between Willie Manson 1984 Fire Lizard or Willie Manson 1981 Magouillat Lizard.  Diameter is 3.00 inches. Any ideas please.  :-\

The flower with ladybird next to the head indicates a Fire Lizard - rather than the Magouillat Lizard

Roger H:
    Yes, know what you mean.  It has been stated that only one Magouillat was made with a bishybarneebee in a flower. Perhaps that isn't an overstatement.


Err...the next issue of the PCC Newsletter includes an article on Willie Manson / Scotia weights from 1980 / 1981.

It includes all the images from William Manson's brochure from that period. That shows a 'Magouillat Lizard' with a ladybird inside the flower - as does the example sitting here on my desk....which is slightly different from the brochure picture. An example from 1980 / 1981 should have a WM signature and date cane in the base.  I don't know who made the statement referred to, but I think it may be wrong - there is clearly more than one example with a ladybird in the flower.  I suspect that a lizard with a ladybird in the flower is a Magouillat Lizard in 1980 / 1981 - but may also be a Fire Lizard a few years later.


Roger H:
That will be interesting, thanks Alan.  John Simmonds page 152, but his quote was only a maybe from somebody else. Wondered if there was a difference in some other way between 1984 and 1981 WM weights?
          Roger Harry


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