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Venetian? Wine - Floral Prunts Iridescent Swirl New Pics


Don't know if I should post this here or on the Murano section.

Clear Rainbow Iridescent Swirl Double Conical Glass with gold rim and 3 applied floral prunts.

It has a rough pontil mark visible where the 2 cones meet when viewed from inside the glass.

Edited to add new photos in 1 link.

Hi Connie
AS it's been a while since you posted this I'll chine in.
Prunts + gold trim + faint irridescence points to Czech - sorry that's all I have to offer.

New pictures added.

Any new opinions?  Additonal comments?

The technique of adding a hollow blown foot to a cuppa and finish it off with prunts to me points at Germany - more specifically to Theresienthal, Josephinenhütte, Regenhütte or Ehrenfeld.  But as before, tablewares are almost impossible to document, however well made and designed.


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