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identify this glass maker


Inherited this striking glass vase and am anxious to learn all about it before passing it on to one of my children..
Is it American or European?
Who would have made it?
Approximate time period it may have been made?
approximate value it may have.
Anything I can learn about this piece I would be grateful knowing.

Looks to be a piece of Loetz in a tri-handled decor referred to as Ausführung 162.  ca. 1920.  produced in Czechoslovakia.


Thank you so very much.
Once you gave me the info, I was ble to find lots of information I needed. I also looked around ebay and sure enough - there is a lot of this style - call 'tango glass'. I am very appreicative of your help in both indentifying the maker and the style!

My pleasure.



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