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3 pieces - Scandi/Murano/Czech ???

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Anne E.B.:
Any ideas on these would be welcomed :P

Mutant, monster bowl which has a tantalisingly short white thread around part of the edge.  White underneath.  Unusual colour if Murano.  No markings.

Clear cased (pewter?) freeform bowl with stretched - appendage - very 50s in style.  Possibly a Holmegaard piece?  Again, no markings.

A pair of hexagonal geometric vases - 1¼kg each.  Base shown on one. Possibly Czech or French.  Seller seemed to think they could be French, and I'm 50-50.

Thank you :lol:

Hi Anne
 #1 Great find - Very interesting color
The white stripe is just a lack of covering by the colored layer above.
Looks good quality : what's your opinion ? Heavy ?
Conjecture: Flygsfors - poss considered a second ? (Swedish glasshouses had notably high quality control)
Other possibilities : Whitefriars, Murano ...... er

 #2 This shape is often associated with Flygsfors but as theres no signature and no white edge stripe so maybe Paul Kedelv when at Reijmyre.

#3 I was thinking French before I read your description but I don't know why.

I like the orange platter Anne...would look great as a single piece on a table - retro baby!   :wink:  :D

To me, it feels Italian, it doesn't feel Scandi to me, although Aseda did a vibrant orange (from memory...) but I don't recall the white underneath.

On the second item, I think Paul (Chuggy) has one similar with a tail like that, although his is mauve I think.  Might be worth comparing notes with him.  :?

#2 - Very nice indeed, but I don't think Holmegaard. It looks very mid-50's to mid-60's, and I'm not sure Holmegaard were doing much in the way of cased glass around then - and if they were, it would almost certainly be signed.

But I'm always glad to be wrong!  :)

Anne E.B.:

--- Quote from: "paradisetrader" ---
#2 This shape is often associated with Flygsfors but as theres no signature and no white edge stripe so maybe Paul Kedelv when at Reijmyre.

--- End quote ---

Peter - thanks for the suggestion .  I googled Paul Kedelv and came up with this unsigned one attributed to him
Looks identical, except mine is slightly shorter at 28cm. Yay :!:  8)  

Nic - for some reason the colour made me think of Holmegaard - can't think why really, as the only piece that I have (currently in son's care :roll: ) is a signed Per Lutkin bowl in an icy blue.  I seem to recall having seen other pieces in this grey/pewter colour attributed to H.G. in a book at some time or other.

#1 - the mutant monster, isn't nicknamed that for nothing Peter.  It weighs 2.2kg and is a quality piece of glass.  I thought of Flygsfors, but understood from other threads, that all of their pieces were marked.  However, if it is a second (i.e. the short white strip), then may be it wouldn't be marked as a result of it not passing quality control(?)

Max - you are right, it is soooo retro with its psychedelic colour 8)   I think my table would collapse with the weight though :lol:

I struggled back on Sunday with two other equally large and heavy bowls.  The front wheels on the car were almost airborne driving back from the carboot with them all in the boot. :lol:


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