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Jonas Defries & Sons, RD 35778, 26 June 1846 - Night lamp

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The Defries family of Aldgate were merchants. Jonas's father was a wholesaler of glass shades so presumably it was his descendants that got involved in lighting glass as makers. An H (possibly Henry) Defries had a patents related to glass manufacturing. Will check out more on them when I can get to my refs.

Thank you, Frank.


Jonas = Glass Dealer
Henry = not stated but patents in his name
Coleman = Chandelier manufacturer & Merchant
Julia, Nathan & Samuel occupation not given.
next generation Finance.

flying free:
P.S.     **This particular 'Representations' book is one of the most interesting I've seen  -  many important Registrations by some big names - such as Chance and Richardson, and many exotic and colourful pieces of glassware.    It seems that coloured bottles were on a roll, plus a massive candelabrum by Osler (Rd. 64320)

Paul, sorry to interrupt the thread, but did you notice any opaline glass pieces for Richardson's in this book at all please?
And specifically aso any that were a deep bright azure blue - aka my etruscan vase?

Paul S.:
not specifically opaline  -  the Registrations are concerned with recording shapes, designs and patterns belonging simply to CLASS 3 rather than detailing what type of glass.
Certainly this group includes the well known Richardson transfer printed Registered designs of Greek/Roman figures which Gulliver includes at the back of his book, and which I'm sure we've had some posted here in the past.

I've rather a busy weekend coming up, but will look for you in the next few days - do we know if it's possible to narrow down the search to within a part of this series of Nos.??     
I'll also need to look again at your Etruscan vase  -  so please remind me of the link if you can :)


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