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Jonas Defries & Sons, RD 35778, 26 June 1846 - Night lamp

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Paul S.:
ooppps  -  sorry, you're right.        Must admit I still tend to associate lozenges only with pressed pieces since they normally form part of the mould (in relief) - so I used the word pressed without thinking.       Thanks for pointing out the error of my ways ;)

Fortunately, this shouldn't affect the details at TNA, and fingers crossed more information might be forthcoming when I've been to Kew.
Certainly this is a most unusual and interesting object.

Paul S.:
quote..............."they normally form part of the mould (in relief)"..........     absolute rubbish of course.....     they're in relief on the glass :-[

They also come in engraved form Paul (although not as common as you say) - see this example:

Paul S.:
thanks Anne  -   I think my words about being uncommon might have referred to the snapped pontils on pressed glass, when I got all confused :)    Must admit I've not seen one of these hand inscribed examples of lozenges.         

Paul S.:
Details from The National Archives at Kew, for Rd. No. 35778, are.....................
The Representations reference (for the image) is BT 43/60** and for the Register (the text) it's BT 44/7  -  pix as attached.

Whether it was a candle or wick is not clear, although it looks rigid, so maybe a candle - and again not clear as to quite what the orangey brown shading represents  -  water possibly?
However, very happy to confirm that the design consists of only the one part, so nothing lost or missing.

Quite mind blowing to look at the hand written script  -  those guys really knew how to produce copperplate handwriting.

P.S.     **This particular 'Representations' book is one of the most interesting I've seen  -  many important Registrations by some big names - such as Chance and Richardson, and many exotic and colourful pieces of glassware.    It seems that coloured bottles were on a roll, plus a massive candelabrum by Osler (Rd. 64320)

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