Author Topic: Molineaux Webb Registrations 574735 and 578132  (Read 545 times)

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Molineaux Webb Registrations 574735 and 578132
« on: February 16, 2013, 08:34:41 PM »
Registration 574735 (1910) is for an oval bowl and 578132 (1911) is for a circular bowl of the same design.  There is no sign that any other pieces were produced under these patterns in the registration documents, but I have found a sugar and creamer that almost certainly belong to the same set. They have no registration number but display the same pattern of segmented lower body, a ring of diamond shapes, and a shell pattern on top. I would say it's a little unusual for other pieces in a set not to be marked with the registration number.

I would speculate this is the penultimate registered tableware set for Molineaux Webb. Registrations 609921-2 in 1912 are also a double of a pattern on an oval and circular bowl. I have yet to see other examples from those registrations but it wouldn't be a surprise if some turned up.

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Re: Molineaux Webb Registrations 574735 and 578132
« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2013, 10:25:29 PM »
very attractive pieces Neil.           Quite striking the extent to which the design of fan-escallop rim, the rows of large diamonds and lower imitation slice cutting, is a perfect copy of Georgian cut glass design from c.1800.          I'd not been aware of seeing such a precise early C19 style on pressed glass, but expect I've simply missed seeing it.



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