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Caithness P.C.C. centenary weight, 1884-1994

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Ok, I'll get it today Wuff. It's not a problem "forking out" 5 if it's of interest to Scotland's Glass. :)

The Paperweight Collectors Circle (not Club) was a renaming (2003/4) of the original Cambridge Paperweight Circle, which was founded in 1981.

So, very likely not much connection with the weight.


--- Quote from: KevinH on February 11, 2013, 11:09:31 PM ---So, very likely not much connection with the weight.
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The PCC, as we know it today (I'm a member) will certainly not be connected to this weight.
My question was - is it likely that in 1884 [sorry for the typo in my previous message] such a Club (or Circle) would have been founded - and I didn't consider that very likely. Apart from the fact - if it celebrated a centenary in 1984 (1994?), likely we would know about it.

I've got the lump.

PCC could be police complaints commission, press complaints commission, pharmacy contractor committes, a legal professional competence course...

Something needs to be done to reduce the number of acronyms used in this promiscuous manner.  >:(
There are far too many which are the same, and without context, are just meaningless!


--- Quote from: chopin-liszt on February 12, 2013, 01:37:09 PM ---I've got the lump.
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Great - thank you ! Could you, please, take a few pictures and post them here? Also - send me a mail with your paypal name (I assume you got one - if not, also let me know), so I can refund the 5.
Best regards - Wolf


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